Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Teambunch is an online community where Woolworths Group team members and strategic partners have the opportunity to try products, share their views about them, and to post articles, recipes, images and videos and start discussions. The teambunch community and the and the teambunch website at at teambunch.woolworths.com.au (the “Site”) is owned and operated by Woolworths Group Limited (ABN 88 000 014 675) ("Woolworths","Woolworths Group", "us", “our” or "we").

Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) and the teambunch Collection Notice before joining the teambunch community, agreeing to collect samples on a member’s behalf as a secondary cardholder, or using the Site because your access to and use of the Site, including your membership and participation in the teambunch community, is subject to these T&Cs.Your access to and use of the Site, including your membership and participation, in the teambunch community, is subject to these T&Cs. View the Woolworths Group Policy and our teambunch Collection Notice which explain how we collect, hold, secure, use and share your personal information (available at https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/privacy and https://teambunch.woolworths.com.au/teamcollection). From time to time, we may change how the teambunch community works (including things like samples, the way reviews and interactions are done, scoring, rewards, etc) and, these T&Cs; where we change these T&Cs, the updated T&Cs will be posted on the Site and will be effective from posting; your continued use of the Site will mean that you accept and agree to the updates.


1.      Being a member of the teambunch community

1.1. For now, membership in the teambunch community is by invite only. To be a member you must hold an active primary Everyday Rewards+ card and have a current Australian residential address and must ‘sign-up’ to teambunch membership via the Site (which includes acceptance of these T&Cs and our Collection Notice). You are responsible for ensuring that your details (provided by you on signing-up and accessible via the ‘Account Preferences’ section of the Site) are accurate and kept up to date.

1.2. Membership in the teambunch community is non-transferable – it is just for you and you must not allow others to use your log-on details or participate in the teambunch community on your behalf. Participation is voluntary and is not a condition of your employment.

1.3. We may refuse your application for membership or terminate your membership at any time and for any reason, which may include your failure to comply with our Rules of Participation (detailed below) or a breach of these T&Cs. You may edit or terminate your membership at any time by visiting the ‘Account Preferences’ section of the Site. Your membership will be automatically terminated when you no longer hold an active primary Everyday Rewards Plus card.

1.4. As a member of the teambunch community you may be invited to try a sample of products available at Woolworths Group (for example, Woolworths Supermarktets and BIG W) (“Products”). If you claim a sample offered to you, the offer will be loaded onto, and redeemable from, your Everyday Rewards Plus card. We will send you a confirmation email to your nominated email address once the offer is loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Plus card. You may collect the Product sample at any Woolworths store, including Woolworths Metro stores, (excluding Caltex/Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets) by scanning your Everyday Rewards Plus card in-store. Product sample offers will include an expiry date and instructions for redemption and are only redeemable in accordance with those instructions prior to the specified expiry date. Product samples must be redeemed by you personally (unless otherwise notified), are only redeemable for the Product specified and redeemable subject to Product availability, redeemable in one transaction only and cannot be exchanged for anything else (including for cash or gift cards). The issuing of Product sample offers (including the type, volume and frequency of samples being issued) will be at our absolute discretion.

1.5. You are permitted to nominate another person in your household to collect a Product sample on your behalf by adding a ‘Second card’ to your Account Preferences’ (“Secondary Cardholder”). The Secondary Cardholder  must first agree to accept Product samples on your behalf and provide certain personal information to Woolworths (such as their name, email address and Rewards card number) before the nomination is accepted on your account. You are only permitted to nominate up to three people in your household to collect Product samples on your behalf. You are not permitted to nominate a person who has previously rejected your invitation to participate. 

1.6. From time to time, members of the teambunch community may be given a Woolworths branded gift card for their participation in the teambunch community. The issuing of such gift cards (if any) will be at our absolute discretion and are subject to the standard terms and conditions applicable to such gift cards.

1.7. During your time as a member of the teambunch community you may create and/or submit to the Site various materials including reviews, opinions, recipes, articles, photos, videos, comments, discussions or other information including your nominated member profile name, gender, address, contact details, work location, dietary preferences, chosen username and image (together, the “Provided Materials”).

1.8. You must not submit any material that may infringe a third party’s rights (including intellectual property and moral rights). You warrant that:

            - our use (including without limitation, reproduction, publication, modification, adaptation and communication to the public) or exploitation of the Provided Materials does not, and will not, infringe any person’s rights in the Provided Materials (including intellectual property rights and moral rights);

            - if any of the rights (including intellectual property rights and moral rights) in the Provided Materials or any part of the Provided Material is owned by a third party, you warrant that you have obtained all licences, consents and authorisations necessary for you to submit those Provided Materials to us and to enable us to fully use and exploit the Provided Materials as contemplated under these T&Cs; and

            - and you indemnify us against all losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses (including legal costs) incurred by us, arising out of or in connection with a breach of these warranties.

1.9. You grant to us a sole, irrevocable, royalty free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide, perpetual licence to use and exploit the Provided Materials.

1.10. You acknowledge and agree that any Provided Materials may be used by us (in our absolute discretion) and that we may modify, edit or remove the Provided Materials as we see fit. For example, we may use the Provided Materials online on any of our websites or other internal communications channels. To the extent permitted by law, you unconditionally and irrevocably consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any moral rights in the Provided Materials.

1.11. We do not have an obligation to use the Provided Materials.

1.12. To the extent that you create and/or submit Provided Materials that includes:

            - your name (including your teambunch nickname), image, likeness and/or voice and/or,            anotherperson’s name (including their teambunch nickname), image, likeness, voice, you warrant that you irrevocably consent or have obtained the other person’s irrevocable consent to the use by Woolworths and its creative agencies of your and/or their  name (including their teambunch nickname), image, likeness and/or voice, for the following purposes:

a.    to enable your participation as a member of the community, which includes considering any enquiries or requests you make, for the purpose of promoting our products and services to you, and facilitating your use of the Site;

b.    for research and analytical purposes,including to help us improve our products or product offerings, and improve employee engagement; 

c. for marketing purposes within Woolworths Group (including unlimited use in internal corporate communications, digital (eg Rewards Plus App) and any other internal publications); and

d.    to comply with our legal obligations.

1.13. You acknowledge and agree that any endorsement by way of testimonial (or in any other form) and/or any review you provide on the Site will be a true and accurate account of your own experience and can be substantiated on request.

1.14. You agree that we may send you information about current and future products and services, promotions, special offers, news and events from us (or our suppliers) via various channels and media (such as email, SMS, phone, mail, via ads on social media, etc) at any stage in the future. Your agreement is deemed to be effective until such time as you opt out of receiving direct marketing or tailored advertising via the relevant channel or media.

1.15. You agree to do all things reasonably required by us (such as signing and producing documents) as may be necessary or desirable to give full effect to the provisions of these T&Cs.

2.  Team Member Guidelines

2.1.  By participating in teambunch, you acknowledge and agree to the standards of conduct expected as an employee and/or strategic partner of the Woolworths Group as outlined in the company’s Code of Conduct. In particular:

  1. you will not engage in any conduct on teambunch, whether during or outside work hours, that may bring the Woolworths Group into disrepute; and 
  2. you will not publish any proprietary or confidential information relating to the Woolworths Group on teambunch.

2.2.  You acknowledge and agree to the Woolworths Group Social Media Policy. In particular, that you should protect confidential information; treat others with respect; and your use of teambunch should not impact your ability to do your job. 

2.3. teambunch Community Guidelines

2.3.1. Be yourself - Bunchees (Woolworths Supermarket customers on bunch) and teambunchees (Woolworths Group team members and strategic partners on teambunch) are genuine people with genuine views on products they try, including Woolworths Group products. If you have something food or product-related to say, say it your way. Be candid. Be fresh. Most importantly, be you.

2.3.2. Be decent - Teambunchees are respectful, polite and never abuse the privilege of having an online community. Teambunchees do not bully, berate, harass, belittle, abuse or discriminate against other community members, colleagues, site moderators, customers, or others. And teambunchees are always respectful of Woolworths Group competitors and suppliers, and avoid creating or contributing to negative commentary or public attacks on the forum or social media.

2.3.3. Be respectful - Bunchees and teambunchees are equal, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or occupation. As such, bunchees and teambunchees value, respect and support every member’s right to express their views and/or content they choose to share. It’s okay to disagree with published views and/or topics, but if you do reply, remember the previous point (be decent). 

2.3.4. Be kind - Bunchees and teambunchees are big-hearted and community-spirited. And like the best communities, they’re generous with their time and passion. Bunchees and teambunchees are patient too, and know it can take time for newer members to learn the ropes.

2.3.5. Be wise - Bunchees and teambunchees remember they have a responsibility to others and therefore avoid making medical, mental health or other health claims, or giving advice best left to doctors and accredited professionals. If you need more information on what you can say, read our Guidelines for Medical and Health Claims.

2.3.6. Be original - Bunchees and teambunchees are fresh, original and respectful of copyright, ensuring that what they contribute is their own work, or properly and openly attributed to the original author. If you need more guidance, read our Guidelines for Respecting Copyright.

2.3.7. Be safe - Bunchees and teambunchees are always aware of their personal safety and security online. We recommend bunchees and teambunchees avoid the sharing of personally identifying information. If you need more help, read our Guidelines to Personal Safety and Security.

2.3.8. Be relevant - Teambunchees remember that teambunch is a place to taste, rate and discuss all things food. It is not a forum to discuss confidential work and/or work-related matters. If you’d like to raise an employment matter, we encourage you to use the appropriate channels.

3.  Rules of Participation 

3.1. The teambunch community relies on honest views about the Products being shared. We value honest and well-considered views and this will further your interactions and engagement with the bunch community. You may not upload commercial or third party content on the Site or use the Site to solicit others to buy products, join or become members of any other commercial online service or other organizations. If you have a conflict of interest that affects or prevents you from providing honest and well-considered views about a Product, please tell us so we can manage the issue.

3.2. We want your opinion so tell us about your experience. Impersonating others (including another employee, host, or representative, as well as other teambunch members) is prohibited.

3.3. You must not:

 1. use the Site for any activities that breach any laws, infringe a third party’s rights or are contrary to any relevant standards or codes;

 2. use the Site in a manner or way, or post to or transmit to or via the Site any material, which interferes with other users or bunch members, or defames, harasses, threatens, menaces or offends any person or which prevents any other person from using or enjoying the Site;

 3. post or transmit any distressing, obscene, indecent, inflammatory or pornographic material or any other material that may give rise to civil or criminal proceedings;

 4. tamper with or hinder the operation of the Site (which includes knowingly transmitting any viruses, or disabling or malicious code to the Site, using any site search or retrieval application or other mechanism to retrieve or index any portion of the Site, modifying, adapting, translating or reverse engineering any portion of the Site, using the Site to violate the security of any computer or other network); and

 5. remove any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on the Site;

 6. disclose someone’s personal information without their consent. This means you must not upload any information reasonably capable of identifying them, including photographs, job descriptions, name, work locations, images or voice recordings without the consent of all persons included in the written content, photograph, image or voice recording and if any person is under the age of 18, the consent of that person’s legal guardian. You must also ensure that each of these persons (and their legal guardian, where relevant) has read and understood the terms of our Collection Notice and Woolworths Group Privacy Policy (available at https://teambunch.woolworths.com.au/teamcollection and https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/privacy); and 

7. post or transmit any content that is factually incorrect and is likely to mislead other teambunchees.  .

3.4. Where we consider you have breached our Rules of Participation or Community Guidelines, or have made an error in posting your review (for example you have posted a review for the wrong product) we may remove your review in whole or part. We will inform you once we have taken this action, where appropriate. For further examples of when your review may be removed in whole or part visit the FAQs section of the Site.

3.5. We encourage members to actively log in and contribute to the community. To keep your account active, be sure to log in at least every 6 months. Accounts may be permanently retired due to prolonged inactivity. 

4. Commercial Electronic Messages

4.1 You agree that we may send you commercial electronic messages and tailored advertising (which include marketing communications advertising goods and services) via various channels and media (including by email, SMS, phone and mail) where you have not opted out (as described below) from receiving such electronic messages sent to you by Woolworths via those channels or media. Your agreement to receive commercial electronic messages from us will be effective until you opt out.

4.2 You may opt out of the receipt of commercial electronic messages, by using the unsubscribe facility in the footer of any commercial electronic message. If you tell us you opt out of the receipt of such material, you will only receive information we are required by law to provide to you or factual information directly about your account, including changes to these terms and conditions and/or our collection notice, privacy policy, account transactions or other information relating to products you have purchased.

4.3 Opting out of receiving commercial electronic messages from Woolworths bunch or teambunch will not withdraw your consent to receive messages from other Woolworths brands. Any consent you have provided to receive commercial electronic messages from other Woolworths brands are governed under separate terms and conditions that apply to those other Woolworths brands. If you would like to opt out of other Woolworths brands, please follow the opt out facilities in their communications or other opt out options set out in their terms and conditions.

5.      Content on the Site

5.1. The content and Materials (defined below) of this Site are provided “as is” and we make no warranty or representation as to its accuracy, completeness or suitability.

5.2. You acknowledge that intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the Site, the software, design, text and graphics comprised in the Site, the selection and layout of the Site and the content and materials on the Site (together, the “Materials”) are owned by or licensed to us; you must not modify, copy, adapt, store in a retrieval system, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, sell, distribute in any way or communicate to the public any Materials without our prior written consent, and must not frame or embed in another website any Materials without our prior written consent.

5.3. The Site contains registered trade marks and other trade marks which are protected by law. You must not use any of the marks or trade marks appearing on the Site or our name or the names of our related bodies corporate without our prior written consent. You must not use any of the other company, product and services marks on the Site that are owned by other third parties (including our suppliers) without obtaining the relevant third party owner’s consent.

6.      Liability

6.1. Each Product comes with certain consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. For major failures of our Products (for example, the Products are faulty because they are not of acceptable quality), you are entitled to elect to receive a replacement of the Product in-store or an e-gift card for the value of the Product. If a failure of the Product does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified within a reasonable amount of time (which Woolworths may elect to do by replacing or repairing the Product, or providing you with an e-gift card for the value of the Product). .

6.2. Without excluding, restricting or modifying the rights and remedies to which you may be entitled under the consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law or our liabilities under those provisions:

a) you acknowledge that the Site (including all content and Materials accessible on the Site) is provided "as is" and that we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or suitability of the Site, anything (including content and websites) to or from which the Site is linked or any product for any purpose; the content of the Site and all content to or from which the Site is linked do not constitute advice and should not be relied on in making, or refraining from making, any decision;

b) we exclude all other implied terms and warranties, whether statutory or otherwise, relating to the Site, the subject matter of our agreement with you and all content of the Site and all content to or from which the Site is linked; and

c) we will not be liable to you for indirect and consequential loss arising from or connected to our agreement with you in contract, tort, under any statute or otherwise (including, without limitation, for loss of revenue, loss of profits, failure to realise expected profits or savings, loss or corruption of data and any other commercial or economic loss of any kind) unless such loss arises as a result of our own negligence or wilful misconduct.

6.3. Our liability to you for loss or damage of any kind arising out of our agreement with you or in connection with the relationship established by it is reduced to the extent (if any) that you cause or contribute to the loss or damage. This reduction applies whether our liability is in contract, tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise.

7. Linked websites

7.1 The teambunch community may contain links to other websites, including those operated by third parties. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices associated with linked websites.

7.2 The provision of linked websites should not be construed as an endorsement, approval or recommendation by us of the owners or operators of those linked websites, or of any information, graphics, materials, products or services referred to or contained on those linked websites, unless and to the extent stipulated to the contrary.

8.      General

8.1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia, and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place.

8.2. Termination of these terms and conditions does not extinguish or otherwise affect provisions of these terms and conditions which by their nature survive termination.



Last updated: July 2022